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Reality TV to custom wheelchairs - Taking metal fabrication for a ride

At the age of only 14, "custom fabrication" was already practically Sean Mahaney's middle name. By the time he graduated from high school he had too much business to continue working out of his home garage and had to open his own shop.

Welding is a universal language

Last year, I was working in Juarez, Mexico on a training job for ESAB with a great group of TIG welders. I made some good friends, had some great food...But the thing that really left an impression on me was how well we all understood each other.

Colors in welding are cool, but...

Lately, I've been following the websites and social sites you guys share your work on, like Instagram, and the TIG welds are incredible. I see all the pretty colors - straw, rose, green and blue.

A Pocket Full of 7018 and 5 Stick Welding Tips

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where you’ve got 6010 in one back pocket and 7018 in the other and the metal seems to stretch on for miles? Now that’s a welding work day many of us can relate to… 

Welding steals the show at Arts International festival

It’s 7 a.m. and ten teams of welders are digging through large piles of scrap metal, their eyes darting around as they search for the perfect pieces to complete their vision.

They know this is their chance to show the local community another side to their trade – the side that is craft and art and creativity.

TIG Tips and Tungsten Love

I have long had a passion for TIG welding and a love for tungsten. It’s a craft that takes your mind off everything else.


How welding and social media are the perfect couple

I have to admit that when I first started working for ESAB I knew very little about welding and even less about welders themselves. Over the last year I have been pleasantly surprised to find that welders, as a community, are friendly, intelligent and fun. But above all else – welders are passionate about their craft.

It’s possible that I may have had some preconceived notions about welders…

Intimidated by welding? Don't be.

As a former welding instructor, I would often watch as new students walked in and looked completely overwhelmed at all the welding equipment in class. Dials and digital readouts, gas tanks, regulators and torches...

My first goal as an instructor was to put them at ease.

Get Your Weld On

Is it just us, or is welding in the news a lot lately?

When it comes to jobs, we're hearing phrases like: Skills gap. Aging workforce. Increased enrollment at technical schools. Breaking gender stereotypes. Skilled trades. STEM. Increased manufacturing.

It turns out that welding certificate or diploma may be worth... well, a lot.

The ESAB Blog.

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Introducing… THE ESAB BLOG.

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